Project Description

Sunspace Sunrooms by Paquette Windows

Extend your enjoyment of the outdoors with a sunroom from Sunspace by Paquette Windows! Sunspace Sunrooms modular units are completely custom built to suit your existing exterior. So whether you are looking for a Sunspace Screen Room, WeatherMaster Sunroom or a Sunspace 3 Season Thermal Sunroom, Paquette will help you design the perfect solution for your home, office or cottage.

Contact us for a consultation and let us help you design the room of your dreams!

Screen Rooms

The Model 100 Screen Room from Sunspace Sunrooms allows you to enjoy the outdoors without the annoying insects. With countless options to choose from, you will never have to compromise stylish design for comfort. Available with multiple colour options to choose from, Sunspace by Paquette Windows can build you a Screen Room the whole family will enjoy! Upgrade your Screen Room to a Model 200 WeatherMaster Sunroom!

WeatherMaster Sunrooms

The Model 200 WeatherMaster Sunroom features the Sunspace WeatherMaster 4-Track Vinyl Windows. The WeatherMaster Sunroom is custom designed to suit your needs and to allow you the option to let the Summer breeze in or keep the rain out. Made with View Flex vinyl glazing and available in a wide range of tints and colours, these windows allow you the ability to effortlessly stack up, stack down or together in the middle to allow you up to 75% ventilation.

3 Season Sunrooms

Add a bright addition to your home or cottage with a Model 300 3 Season Sunroom. The 3 Season Sunroom features insulated aluminum pillars, durable Sunspace roofing with integrated gutters and single glazed glass windows and gives the Sunroom strength and stability and is virtually maintenance free. Custom designed and built to suit your needs and to match your home. Choose from a wide range of colour options for a stylish addition to your home. Increase your homes value and add space your family is sure to enjoy!

Thermal Sunrooms

Building on to the Sunspace 3 Season Sunroom is the Model 400 Thermal Sunroom. Enjoy this room all year round and take advantage of the beauty nature has to offer in every season! The Sunspace Thermal Sunroom features double glazed high efficiency, Low E-Argon gas Glass Windows to keep you warm in the winter. Enjoy all nature has to offer all year round in your new Sunspace Sunrooms Model 400 Thermal Sunroom. Extend your enjoyment of the outdoors and add space your family will enjoy for years.

Patio Covers

The Sunspace Acrylic Roof Systems & Patio Covers are a great way to provide your outdoor patio area with coverage from the harmful UV rays while still allowing light to shine through and keep your patio bright! The durable Acrylic sheets are 100% naturally UV stable and ensure your family enjoys the light. The Acrylic Roof Systems will adopt to fit most roof structures allowing a beautiful installation and a virtually maintenance free roof! Choose from a variety of roofing styles and colours to match your home and best suit your families needs.

Sunshades and Lighting

Take your Sunroom to the next level and add the Sunspace Sunshades to your new sunroom. Although you may not see a need or use for them, when your spending hours in your new sunroom these may come in handy. Acting almost like sunglasses on your new Sunspace Sunroom. Contact Sunspace by Paquette Windows for more information on the Sunspace Sunshade system and when you order them with your new Sunroom they can be custom fitted to suit your needs!

A Sunroom Porch Enclosure may be the perfect solution to your existing space. For more great ideas for your outdoor space..